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Brave Reapers: Soul Maxima Brave Reapers: Soul Maxima Brave Reapers: Soul Maxima Brave Reapers: Soul Maxima

New in Brave Reapers: Soul Maxima 4.1760.12

Join the soul harvest with collectible heroes in this intense 3D action RPG!

About Brave Reapers: Soul Maxima App

Fight the villains and save the underworld in this amazingly immersive anime series for the first time! Dive into a different style of battle as you see your favorite story come to life through 3D graphics. Recruit your team captains, build them up to take on other death reapers and fight powerful supervillains from the series. Can you defeat them all? Bust your way through evil with some of the most powerful captains with their different superforms that will dazzle your screen with high-quality 3D visuals and wow your senses! Treat your eyes and ears to a smorgasbord of graphical overdose with fast-paced, adrenalin-rushing special moves and panoramic scenes! Pick from your favorite cast of death reapers from the 13 squads, or even from the villain factions!
Take on the ultimate adventure in the anime series with Soul Maxima! Build your dream team of reapers and defeat the evil supervillains that have overrun the underworld. From human society to infernal realms, explore different worlds and recruit the most powerful captains from each faction—including the gangs from New York City, Africa and Korea. Experience breathtaking 3D action as you battle against a legion of bad guys and amass an army of death reapers for victory!

-3D Free Exploration of the Underworld and Cities
-Intense Hack n’ Slash Action Anime RPG
-Control all the iconic characters and unlock their upgraded Mask and Superforms
-Unleash powerful moves like in the series
-Go on an epic adventure with your favorite characters from the series!
-Hack and slash through hordes of enemies!
-Free exploration of the Underworld and the Cities (plus even more content)
-Hack ‘n Slash Action RPG
-Free World to Explore – Over 100 stages
-Exciting story with epic boss battles – For Free!
-Massive Update Pack Coming Soon!
Crisis & Chaos Awaits !!!

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