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79.0.0 May 15, 2024 3.8
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New in Macro 79.0.0

General and performance improvements

About Macro App

Simple and with more functionalities. With the Macro App you will be able to make inquiries and transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, quickly and safely.
The Macro App allows you to:

Carry out procedures:
• Open an account from your cell phone only with your ID and a selfie.
• Generate your password and username to operate through the App and Internet Banking.
• Enter the App using biometrics.
• Whiten your debit card PIN.
• Generate your code for the Call Center / TAS.
• Validate Internet Banking operations using the Security Token.

Make inquiries and operations:
• Check your accounts, credit cards, loans, fixed terms and insurance.
• Make transfers immediately and manage your recipient schedule.
• Buy and sell dollars.
• Establish fixed terms and consult rates.
• Pay your credit cards, loans, taxes and services.
• Recharge cell phones, public transport cards and TV services.
• Send money to be withdrawn at any Banelco ATM without using a Debit Card.
• Set up alerts to receive information by mail about automatic debits and consumption with Debit and Credit Cards (Visa, Amex), balance of your accounts, and maturities of loans, fixed terms and cards.
• Subscribe, consult and redeem your holdings in Mutual Investment Funds.
• Request and manage Insurance.
• Consult, issue and receive electronic checks.
• Pay with QR in shops, without having to carry your physical card (Debit or Credit) or present your ID.
• Send money to your scheduled contacts that have MODE.

Acquire products and benefits:
• Apply for personal loans online with immediate granting.
• Request a salary advance with granting on the spot.
• Know and redeem your Macropremia points.
• Know the services near you: benefits, branches, ATMs, and establishments attached to the Extra Cash service that allows you to withdraw money with your debit card at no cost.

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