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1.4.5 Jan 03, 2024 3.5
Panda Kute: House Cleaning Panda Kute: House Cleaning Panda Kute: House Cleaning Panda Kute: House Cleaning Panda Kute: House Cleaning

New in Panda Kute 1.4.5

Huh? The study and living room still need cleaning up? Please keep cleaning the rest of the house.
- improve game quality for low device

About Panda Kute: House Cleaning App

Panda Kute: Cleanup Life is here to help player learn how to clean up, do their daily chores, build good habits, keep their clothes, toys and things tidy.

Play the cutest house and horse stable cleaning games :
· Wash dishes and tidy up the kitchen!
· Scrub the tub, sink, toilet and floor in the bathroom!
· Put things to their places, clean the window, wipe the dust and vacuum the floor in the bedroom!
· Take care of dirty clothes in the laundry room: sort, wash, dry and iron!
· Clean up in the garage: wash and polish the car, collect trash and clean the inside of the car!
· Clean the swimming pool: skim tree leaves with a net, clean the water with pool vacuum and fix the broken tiles!
· Wash, clean up, fix and color the old water slide and have tons of water slide fun with Sweet Panda Kute!
· Make over the outdoor fridge: throw away old food and meals, scrub and shine the fridge, then fill it with fresh fruits, vegetables and groceries!
· Get ready for a BBQ party: scrape and scrub the grill, prepare it for cooking and make the best burgers for Sweet Panda Kute and her friends!
· Clean up spider webs and dirt in the pony stable, wash, groom and shower the cutest little pet pony, and play with it in the yard!
· Make Sweet Panda Kute pet puppy happy: clean up, decorate, fix and color the doghouse, then feed, style and dress up the puppy!
· Collect trash, vacuum the floor, repair the bean bag and wipe the table in the treehouse!
· Paint and decorate the tree house fence with your favorite decorations!
· Play every day, get extra coins and collect gifts!

Panda Kute and her friends are in the Dream House waiting for you to join their super fun spring cleaning and home makeover party. Messy kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, car, swimming pool, water slide, pony stable, doghouse, treehouse, fence, barbecue grill and fridge need your care and attention. Get ready to clean up, vacuum, wash, bath, mop, wipe, scrub, fix and more!

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