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1.20.41 Dec 01, 2023 4.2
State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War State of Survival: Zombie War

New in State of Survival 1.20.41

New Features
Tempest Arms Trading
The trading platform is now live! You can list your own Tempest Arms or buy others' directly!
Note: This feature will be tested in select States first. Keep an eye on in-game mails and community announcements for details.

About State of Survival: Zombie War App

State of Survival, a mobile game set in the midst of an apocalypse, has become a worldwide sensation for its strategy and survival elements. Players must construct their own Settlement and enlist Survivors to help them navigate the treacherous Wasteland. Improve your technological capabilities, explore the vast world, and prepare to face countless zombies for an engaging, role-playing adventure.
▶ In State of Survival, where PvP, strategy, social features, Leagues, Survivors, and zombies await, success requires you to use your brain to survive and establish your base. Prepare for puzzle-solving challenges and survival scenarios.
▶ Combining SLG and RPG elements, the game places you in the role of a human commander who must confront zombies, acquire resources, embark on exciting adventures, erect a Home, and embellish your Settlement. You will eventually confront an evil organization responsible for the virus that spawned the zombie outbreak. The game also features Clan battles where you engage in thrilling multiplayer contests. You can recruit biohazard containment Heroes, beautiful Heroes, and handsome Heroes. They may come equipped with firearms, mechanical devices, or metal elements. Create your ideal post-apocalyptic world.
▶ In addition to PvP, State of Survival offers players an opportunity to participate in puzzle-solving and shooting mini-games. Employ strategic planning and combat skills to avoid succumbing to enemy assaults and emerge victorious in the top war.
▶ Along with social media features, the game also provides a single-player experience where you can immerse yourself in a richly imagined storyline. Take on the role of the protagonist and unravel the tale's many plot twists as you progress.
▶ State of Survival's social features enable players to chat online and form friendships with fellow enthusiasts. Many players have formed lasting connections through discussing strategies, defeating monsters together, battling foes cooperatively, and engaging in PvP skirmishes. Join this community to experience the pleasure of multi-player gaming for yourself.
▶ State of Survival has partnered with DC, one of the largest comic book publishers worldwide, to introduce the Joker as an in-game hero during our special tie-in event. We've also worked with the popular series The Walking Dead to feature fan-favorite Daryl. In addition, we have teamed up with NFC, a top-ranking professional sports association, to add a competitive edge to our game.
▶ Celebrate holidays and festivals in style, as we frequently introduce new features, gameplay modes, and other exciting events. Take advantage of bonuses and free bundles to collect quest rewards, participate in online or real-world gatherings, and advance your characters quickly!

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