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1.0.1 Jun 29, 2023 3.5
What if..? What if..? What if..? What if..? What if..? What if..?

New in What If 1.0.1

- Added new questions.

About What if..? App

A game that will make you fantasize! Lots of funny, crazy, awkward, and philosophical questions on various topics.

What if you could get rid of your biggest fear, but you had to give it to your best friend to do it?
What if there was peace all over the world, but the whole world was missing the Internet?
What if you could read people's minds, but only when you were completely naked?

Answer YES or NO and see how other users responded.

- Read hundreds of different questions.
- Compare your answers with other people's results.
- Share interesting questions with your friends.

The game is ideal IF:
- You are bored or need to pass the time.
- You're looking for some on-the-go fun.
- You're looking for a game for company.
- You like to answer interesting and tricky questions.

The game is very simple, but very entertaining! It has everything to be interesting and not boring to spend time. You can play alone or with friends at home or at a party. The game is perfect for killing time without internet.

Categories for all tastes:
- Base: general questions on a variety of topics.
- Philosophical: eternal questions about the meaning of life.
- Funny: funny questions with humor.
- Adult: racy questions on intimate topics.

Yes or no? Which will you choose? Make a choice! Make up your mind!

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