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Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips Baby Panda's Emergency Tips

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Hey, kids! Do you know how to escape and save yourself when you're in danger? Open this doctor simulation game now! Join the cute Baby Panda to provide first aid to injured people and learn 27 important safety and first aid tips!

During an earthquake escape , someone twisted his foot. Help him out! Apply an ice pack to reduce swelling, then wrap it with a bandage. Finally, elevate the foot with a blanket. First aid complete!

Fire started, quickly guide residents to escape safely! If accidentally burned, provide immediate first aid! Rinse the burn with cool water, cut away clothes near the injury to prevent infection, and seek medical treatment at the hospital as soon as possible!

What should you do if a pet bites you? Clean the wound with soapy water, then use a cotton swab to apply antiseptic solution for disinfection. Seek medical treatment at a hospital!

If someone collapses after getting an electric shock, immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is needed! Start with 30 chest compressions, then open their mouth to clear any obstructions and give two rescue breaths. Continue alternating until the person wakes up.

This doctor simulation game also provides other safety and first aid knowledge for situations like heatstroke, factory explosion, and fallen into a well. Learning first aid skills will not only improve your ability to help yourself but also enhance your safety awareness. Come and learn, kids!

-Scenario simulations to teach children self-rescue methods;
-27 first aid tips to help children deal with burns, scalds, and more;
-First aid knowledge cards to reinforce children's self-rescue knowledge;
-Easy-to-understand and child-friendly first aid methods;
-Play offline anywhere.

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