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Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket

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Welcome to Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket! From now on, you are the owner of this mini supermarket! Run your own supermarket, sell all kinds of goods and serve customers in the town! Let's have fun role-playing!

The mini supermarket sells 36 kinds of goods that kids like, such as apples, tomatoes, milk, bread, toothbrushes, towels, and more. Put the goods on the supermarket shelves by category and make the shelves neat and orderly!

A lot of customers will come and shop at the mini supermarket every day. You'll need to help them get everything on their shopping list and guide them to pay for goods they are buying. You also need to satisfy the customers' other needs, such as making instant noodles and squeezing juice for them.

All the customers have left the supermarket satisfied, you can close the shop for the day! Now it's time to clean the supermarket. Mop the floor, clean the glass and windows, restock the shelves and prepare the supermarket for the next day!

In this supermarket game , kids will have fun running a supermarket and learn about the shopping rules as well. Play Baby Panda's Town: Supermarket now!

- A supermarket game for kids;
- Play as an owner of a mini supermarket;
- Play multiple supermarket games: shopping, cashiering, catching thieves, and more;
- Learn how to shop at the supermarket;
- Serve 21 customers and guide them to buy what they want!

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