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Crosshair Aim : Crosshair Pro Crosshair Aim : Crosshair Pro Crosshair Aim : Crosshair Pro Crosshair Aim : Crosshair Pro Crosshair Aim : Crosshair Pro Crosshair Aim : Crosshair Pro

New in Impact CrossHair 0.1.0-beta-rc223

- new feature
Basic > Color > Color Palette
- fixed some crashes

About Crosshair Aim : Crosshair Pro App

Crosshair Custom Crosshair, the ultimate precision Aim assistant designed to help you become a legendary sniper of Mobile FPS shooting Games.

Major features:

🔫 Basic Crosshair: Choose from a wide range of unique shapes crosshair designs.

🔫 Custom Crosshair: if you are not satisfy with available basic crosshair, you can generate your own crosshair profile.

🚀 Real-time Precision: Our app overlays a crosshair on your screen, ensuring pinpoint accuracy as you aim and fire.

🌟 Crosshair Animations: Take your gameplay to the next level with crosshair animations.
Note: Crosshair Animations available to Custom Crosshair only.

📱 Support for All FPS Games: Impact Crosshair Aim compatible with a variety of shooting games, including but not limited to BGMI, CODM, PUBG, Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends, Standoff and many more, including all other first-person shooters (FPS), battle royales, and more. Dominate the battlefield in any game you play.

🔒 Privacy & Security: We value your privacy. Impact Crosshair Aim operates as an overlay when you use any crosshair and does not access or store any personal data.

🌟 Free and Premium Features: Enjoy the basic Crosshair features for free, or unlock additional customization options with our Subscription.

For support, feedback and suggestions, please contact us at [email protected].

Disclaimer: Crosshair Custom Pro is a tool designed to enhance your gaming experience. Please respect the terms of service of the games you play.

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Google Play ID: com.devayulabs.crosshair

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