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1.0.1 May 08, 2024 3.5
Europa League Game Europa League Game Europa League Game Europa League Game Europa League Game Europa League Game Europa League Game Europa League Game

New in Europa League Game 1.0.1

- Some bugs fixed.

About Europa League Game App

Imagine a mobile game called 'Europa League Game' that merges the excitement of soccer's Europa League with hockey. It is a mobile game with a unique and engaging finger soccer gameplay style. It's a digital arena where your fingers are your players, and the touchscreen becomes the soccer field. This virtual sensation offers the best of both sports right on your mobile device.
The objective is simple: lead your chosen Europa League team to victory using your finger soccer skills.


As you launch the game, you'll find yourself immersed in the world of Europa League soccer, but with a twist. You control the player with your fingertips. Your swipes and flicks dictate the movements. Over time, you'll master the art of bending shots, chipping the goalkeeper, and launching precision passes.

Features :

★ Include the Europa League tournament with 16 teams.
★ The gameplay is smooth and more enjoyable.
★ Amazing graphics, music, and sound effects.
★ Includes rain mode and crowd singing.

Will you lead your team to victory in this unforgettable finger soccer game? Get ready to flick, score amazing goals, and claim the Europa League title in this mobile game like no other.

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