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1.1421.575590873.0-release Nov 02, 2023 4.6
Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google Files by Google

New in Files by Google 1.1421.575590873.0-release

Search improvements to make finding files easy. You can now search using:
- Text from images and PDFs
- Location & objects from images
- Artist, album and title from audio & video
Print an image or convert to PDF through the Print option in the 3 dot menu

About Files by Google App

Here's an alternative version:

- Free up space on your device using cleaning recommendations.
- Find files faster with intuitive search and browsing options.
- Share files seamlessly via Nearby Share without an internet connection.
- Backup files to Google Drive or an SD card to save space on your device.
- Secure your files with a separate PIN or pattern.

With Files by Google, you can easily manage your device's storage and boost its performance. The app shows you how much space is left on your device, SD card, and USB drive so you can clear out old, unnecessary files. You can also sort files by size and search through them quickly to find what you need.

Nearby Share allows you to share files – photos, videos, apps, and more – quickly and securely with other Android and Chromebook devices in your vicinity, even when you don't have an internet connection.

Files by Google is also incredibly secure – you can protect your sensitive files with a separate PIN or pattern that is different from your device's lock.

Finally, the app is both efficient and effective – it uses less than 20 MB of storage and provides helpful recommendations to save space and optimize performance over time. Plus, there are no ads to distract you!

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