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New in Google TV 4.39.2261.642397094.1-release

Find where your favorite shows and movies are streaming
* Discover something new in just a few taps
* Add thumbs up or down to get personal recommendations based on what you like to watch
* See which streaming apps offer the show or movie you want to watch

About Google TV App

Google TV, previously known as Play Movies & TV, offers a convenient platform to explore and enjoy your favorite entertainment options. The platform provides the following features:
Effortlessly discover new content:
Browse through more than 700,000 movies and TV shows across various streaming apps, all in one place and sorted by topics and genres. Get personalized recommendations according to your preferences and what's trending in your subscribed services. Search for titles to locate the corresponding streaming apps.
Stay up-to-date with the latest releases:
Rent or buy the newest movies and shows directly from the Shop tab, with downloads available for offline viewing. Watch instantly on your Android phone, tablet, laptop, TV with Google TV or on Play Movies & TV wherever it's accessible.
Keep track of your discoveries:
Compile your interests by adding shows and movies to your Watchlist, accessible from all your devices for future viewing.
Utilize your phone as a remote:
With a built-in remote feature, you can conveniently access content even if your physical remote is misplaced. Use your phone keypad to quickly input complicated passwords, titles or search terms on your Android TV OS device, such as Google TV.
The service Pantaya is only offered in the US. Additional subscriptions may be necessary to access particular streaming services or content.

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