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Gottcha - IRL Hide and Seek Gottcha - IRL Hide and Seek Gottcha - IRL Hide and Seek

About Gottcha - IRL Hide and Seek App

Looking for an exciting new way to stay active with your friends? Look no further than Gottcha, the free-to-play mobile game that seamlessly blends technology with the timeless game of hide and seek!

Gottcha promises endless fun and challenges for all players. Join our beta community and help shape the future of this fun game!

* How to Play
The game features two roles: searchers and hiders. Hiders must remain hidden from the searcher throughout the game while staying within the designated play area. The searcher's objective is to locate and tag all the hiders within the game's time limit. When a searcher finds a hider, he can tag them using the app by clicking 'Gottcha.' If the hider is within a 20-meter radius of the searcher, they are eliminated from the game, ensuring a fair and challenging experience.

* Player Limit
The game supports a maximum of 6 players, with maximum 1 searcher and 5 hiders.

* Game Area
As the game progresses, the game area will gradually shrink, requiring hiders to remain active and constantly on the move. The game area shrinks every 10 minutes, and hiders must stay within this area to not get eliminated.

* Game Duration
In the beta version, the game is limited to 30-minute games. However, we have plans to introduce additional options for game durations in the future.

* Additional Functionality
With each reduction of the game area (every 10 minutes), hiders' locations are briefly revealed to the searcher for 10 seconds. This added functionality adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the game.

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