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11.0.2 Mar 19, 2024 4.4
Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution

New in Hungry Shark 11.0.2

Celebrate the spring season with new EASTER PASS rewards!
Collect Easter Eggs in the sea to unlock Bunny Teef, the Easter Basket, and much more!

About Hungry Shark Evolution App

Welcome to Hungry Shark Evolution, the official game for Shark Week! This mobile game provides action-packed shark survival gameplay in the ocean, complete with an abundance of fish. Are you prepared to become a predator in this free offline game? Embark upon a journey to explore the underwater world of sharks and evolve your skills!

Take charge of a Hungry Shark with powerful jaws and strive to survive by consuming everything in your path. Enter a vast environment and encounter unique creatures such as a shark merged with a T-Rex. As you progress, you can evolve your shark to become even greater than the fearsome Great White or the enormous Megalodon. Attack and feed with your sea monster to become the greatest predator in the ocean!

Evolve until you are the top predator of the underwater world to fulfill your role as an eater. Your goal is to consume all sorts of fish, birds, whales, and more in one of the most shark-tastic free offline games. Take advantage of evolution to your start with the dinosaurs and establish yourself as the man-eater of the feeding frenzy in this shark simulator game!

To survive, you will need a baby shark to safeguard you. Evolve it to unlock all of its strengths and merge many shark types together. Experience an open world full of fish that is less lonesome with a companion by your side. And who knows, maybe you'll find an evolution boost, a water dragon, a fishing island, or new baby sharks? Explore the beauty of non-Wi-Fi games, concentrate on feeding your shark, and take a bite out of this shark game to sign up for the evolution legends.

This shark evolution simulator game is jam-packed with adventure. You can explore the underwater world, go fishing, and much more. The game is offline, so you can play without an internet connection. It is playable whenever and wherever you want to play.

In this game, you have choices of over a dozen unique fish, sharks, baby sharks, and other animals to evolve. You can recruit baby sharks and breed them to enhance your predatory abilities. Furthermore, you can equip yourself with awesome accessories such as Jetpacks, Top Hats, and Lasers!

The open world gives you access to different bonus objects, whether you are playing online or offline. You can feed your hungry shark in this simulator game without Wi-Fi. By activating Gold Rush, you can survive longer and score more points. You can also participate in in-game events to win prizes. Attack and devour with intuitive gaming controls or tilting-based gameplay.

This game has in-app purchases that allow you to buy Gem and Coin currency to spend on upgrades. You can also gain the in-game currency without making a purchase by watching video ads on the Treasure screen. The game is playable without Wi-Fi and the ad is disabled after a purchase.

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