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11.0.5 Nov 15, 2023 4.3
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New in ibisPaint X 11.0.5

[Fixed Bugs and Problems]
- Fixed a bug that prevented launching on some x86_64 devices such as Chromebooks.

[New Features in ver.11.0.0]
- Added Animation function.
- Added Brush Search function.
- Added Material Search function.
- Added "Background Removal" filter to the "AI" filter category.
- Added "Spin Blur" filter to the "Blur" filter category.
- Added "Retro Game" filter to the "Artistic" filter category.
- Added "History" category to filter and adjustment layers.

About ibis Paint X App

With over 280 million downloads, ibis Paint X is a popular and flexible drawing app that offers a series of features, including more than 15,000 brushes, 15,000 materials, 1,000 fonts, 80 filters, 46 screentones, 27 blending modes, as well as stroke stabilization, radial line and symmetry rulers, and clipping mask features. There are also many tutorial videos available on the ibis Paint YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to the content.

The app boasts an array of features, including professional and highly functional tools that surpass desktop drawing apps, thanks to the smooth and comfortable drawing experience realized by OpenGL technology. You can even record your drawing process as a video and share it with other users on the app's SNS feature.

One of the most notable features of ibis Paint is its wide range of brushes, with over 15,000 to choose from, including dip pens, felt tip pens, digital pens, air brushes, fan brushes, flat brushes, pencils, oil brushes, charcoal brushes, crayons, and stamps. The app also includes layer features such as adding, subtracting, and multiplying, with unlimited layers and layer parameters that can be set individually, as well as horizontal and vertical inversion, layer rotation, layer moving, and zooming in/out.

In terms of purchasing, there are several options, including the free version (ibis Paint X), the paid version (ibis Paint), the Remove Ads Add-on, and the Prime Membership (Monthly plan / Yearly plan). These plans differ only in terms of their ads and advanced function capabilities. Prime Members can access exclusive features, such as 20GB of cloud storage capacity, Prime Materials, Prime Canvas Papers, Prime Fonts, and tone, gradation map, levels adjustment, replace color, clouds filters. There are also no advertisements displayed for Prime Members.

Please note that if you become a Prime Member with the 30 days free trial, your membership will automatically be renewed unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the trial. While the app collects audio signal from the microphone when using SonarPen, this data is only used for communication with SonarPen and is not saved or sent anywhere. For questions and support, contact ibis Paint support. You may also review the app's terms of service for further information.

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