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16.9.0 Nov 20, 2023 4.2
Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator Yandex Maps and Navigator

New in Yandex Maps 16.9.0

Drive easier with detailed road markings visible right in the app. Available in the city center and main highways of Moscow and Ufa, the centers of St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and Volgograd Yandex Maps shows you which lane to be in to make the perfect turn and zooms in on complex interchanges so you don't miss anything important. Also, 3D buildings along the route serve as additional waymarks.
Night mode has more contrast now so it's easier to see all the details in the dark.

About Yandex Maps and Navigator App

Yandex Maps is an app that provides comprehensive navigation for the city you are in. The app is filled with beneficial features that make it easy and comfortable to navigate around the city. These features include Navigator, which provides information on traffic jams, cameras, and a voice assistant named Alice, as well as a search option that allows you to search for places by address, name, or category. Additionally, Yandex Maps shows public transport like buses, trolleybuses, and trams in real-time, letting you pick the mode of transportation that suits you best, or opt for a walking route if desired.

Navigator features real-time traffic forecasts to avoid congestion, voice prompts for quick and easy navigation, and offline maps for when you're not connected to the internet. In addition, it offers faster alternative routes in case of updated traffic conditions, and may be used on the car screen via Android Auto. The app also shows city parking and parking fees as well as the option to pay for gasoline in the app at over 8000 Russian gas stations.

Yandex Maps also offers a business directory with an advanced filter search, providing detailed entrance and driveway addresses, contact information, business hours, services, photos, visitor reviews, rating, and even indoor maps of large public facilities. You can add your favorite spots to the "My Places" feature, and view them on other devices.

Yandex Maps enables bus, tram, trolleybus, and minibus tracking in real-time, with options to display only specific routes, a public transport schedule for the upcoming 30 days, expected arrival times, information about public transport stops, metro stations, and other significant facilities.

No matter the mode of transportation, Yandex Maps offers routes catered to your preference. Walking routes are accessible with voice prompts; driving routes account for traffic conditions and camera warnings, while bicycle and scooter riding routes conveniently encourage bikeways and suggest sidewalks and possible stair avoidance.

Lastly, Yandex Maps offers booking appointments at beauty salons, ordering food from cafes and restaurants, electric scooter rentals in Moscow and Krasnodar, taxi reservations directly through the app, downloadable maps, street panoramas, 3D maps, and the option to switch between various map types in Russian, English, Turkish, Ukrainian, or Uzbek.

Customer feedback is always welcome and can be sent to [email protected], and Yandex Maps' team is glad to read and reply.

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